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Pamela Anderson Stages Sexy Bikini Photo Shoot at Cannes Film Festival   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Pamela Anderson in sexy photo shoot publicity stunt
Pamela Anderson Topless at Cannes Film Festival
Pamela Anderson stages a sexy photo shoot in an attempt to win back Cannes Film Festival photographers who just days before booed her after she showed up late for a photo session and only stuck around to pose for a few minutes.

Anderson was in town to promote her new movie, "Blonde and Blonder." Earlier in the day, she had complained to AP Television News about the paparazzi, saying that Cannes was "a frenzy, it's crazy, it's silly."

"Even watching it on television this morning, seeing these people, it's like the actors are prodded through like cattle, 'turn this way, turn that way,' " she said, adding that Cannes was nonetheless "quite glamorous."

The 39-year-old former "Baywatch" star had said previously that she would not attend Cannes, where her movie is screening on the sidelines of the official lineup, but later changed her mind.

"My kids come first even in my schedule," said Anderson, who has two young sons with former husband Tommy Lee. "When I schedule anything that I do, it's around their baseball games or their soccer matches or their ... everything.

"In "Blonde and Blonder," Anderson co-stars with Denise Richards in what is being promoted as "Dumb & Dumber" meets "Legally Blonde." - AP - ArtsyStuff Magazine

Pamela Anderson didn't give photographers much respect when she initially arrived at the French Riviera this year.
Pamela Anderson hams it up for photographers in a black bikini while at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival
Pamela Anderson hams it up for photographers in a black bikini while at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.
Pamela Anderson playfully accentuates her assets
She playfully accentuate her assets
Pamela Anderson in a little raunchy pose
Some poses were a little raunchy.
Pamela Andersons bosoms spilling out of a Black Bikini top
Pamela Andersons bosoms were spilling out of her Black Bikini top.