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ArtsyStuff Magazine | Thursday, 08 June 2023
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The Art of Breast Bondage   PDF  Print  E-mail 
The Art of Breast Bondage The Art of Breast Bondage
by Matt Nicholson

This is a short excerpt from Matt Nicholson's original series, "The ABC's of Breast Bondage."  The original article, in its entirety, and its companion pieces can be found at his website, Darker Pleasures.


Images in this article depict nudity and women in submission. This choreographed role play is a part of the femme fatal component of Bondage and Discipline. ArtsyStuff Magazine and it's affiliates do not endorse or promote violence simulated or otherwise against women. As an outlet for the arts, we do however provide an uncensored forum for artists of all disciplines. In this contribution, the author discusses his art form and demonstrates activities practiced in a community that is experiencing popular growth. A segment of this community and their numbers can be seen at Fetishcon, a fetish and discipline conference held once a year in Florida. Upon private invitation, one can attend live demonstrations of models with their Breasts in Bondage. - ArtsyStuff Magazine

For Mature Audience Only

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